CCAC Scholarship Program

CCAC’s scholarship program was designed to give all children the opportunity to take classes at CCAC. Scholarships are offered quarterly, with application deadlines falling three weeks prior to the start of each class quarter. Click here to download a scholarship application and important scholarship information or fill out our form below.

IMPORTANT! Are you applying for a scholarship to take a MamLuft&Co. Dance class? Visit for MamLuft&Co. Dance’s financial aid application – do not complete this form!

Scholarship Application


Does the applicant qualify for the free/reduced lunch program? If you are unsure if your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch, please see CCAC Staff.

CCAC Scholarship Amount:

Scholarships up to $100/class/CCAC class quarter are available. Should a class tuition be greater than the scholarship amount, the applicant’s parent/guardian is responsible for paying the remaining tuition balance.

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend at minimum 60% of the class sessions in the quarter for which the scholarship has been awarded. If student does not attend 60% of the classes, they may not be eligible for a CCAC scholarship in future class quarters.

CCAC Scholarship Deadlines:

CCAC class scholarship applications are due three weeks prior to the start of each CCAC class quarter. Please contact CCAC directly if deadline has passed to ask about scholarships.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • Spring 2019 Quarter (Mar. 25 – June 1, 2019): due Mar. 4, 2019
  • Summer 2019 Quarter (June 10 – Aug. 17, 2019): due May 20, 2019
  • Fall 2019 Quarter (Sept. 9 – Nov. 16, 2019): due Aug. 19, 2019

Who do I contact with questions about the CCAC Scholarship Program?

Contact Emalene Benson at (513) 497-2860 or

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