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CCAC is essential to Clifton not only for its excellent programs, but also for its role in tying us together as a community. Thanks to the CCAC board, staff, volunteers, and instructors for all you do to make Clifton a better place to live our lives.
Malcolm M., Cincinnati, OH

This isn’t just a community cultural arts center; this is a community CREATED arts center.
Sarah B., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC is an integral part of our Clifton neighborhood and the city of Cincinnati. It has given the people of Clifton and Cincinnati many opportunities for engaging with the arts and bringing people of all ages together. CCAC has given us a place to learn and share and come together and celebrate artistic expression.
Leslie C., Cincinnati, OH

The CCAC is not only an important element for the residents of Clifton but it is also a large part of the arts scene in Cincinnati.
Jens R., Cincinnati, OH

My grown children and I have attended many of the events at CCAC. It has become a vital part of the arts community and general community as well. Their reach to children in the community is vast and important. They should be considered an integral component to the education of our children and community.
Mark R. S., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC is a vibrant part of the fabric that makes Clifton unique. Volunteers and endless community fundraising has transformed a dilapidated building into an architectural treasure teaming with life and activity.
Matt B., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC has been a great resource. We live in the CUF area and have enjoyed their yoga, Pilates, dance and art classes.
Valerie M., Cincinnati, OH

I love the CCAC. The variety of programs offered is exceptional. I have been in the Fiction Workshop for several years. It’s the best writers group I’ve ever been in. The CCAC is a gem, a rich resource for the community.
Andrea R., Cincinnati

CCAC is important to my neighborhood and the place my daughter and son meet and make friends. It is one of the reasons Clifton is such a special place and why we choose to live here.
Lauren F., Cincinnati

I have performed at this venue, and the work they are doing is amazing. I wish I had something like this when I was a kid.
Ashley S., Flat Rock, MI

Art connects people and CCAC is a place where the people of our neighborhood and region come together, get know each other, and build the community into a more healthy, equitable, and vibrant place. CCAC is a community investment with incredible returns.
Margy W., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC offers wonderful programming and outlets for a diverse community!
Jamie P., Cincinnati, OH

This is an organization well respected by all its peer arts organizations, and a willing partner in making this city more vital. They have quickly established their importance and have turned their building into an active component of their programming. It is not a container; it is part of their identity and they are poised to do even greater things in the future.
Steven M., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC makes a huge positive change for me, as it is a place I have taken dance classes every week for years and a place I take visitors for exhibits and other events. The weekly summer Wednesdays on the Green events bring the community together like nothing I have seen in Clifton previously. It is an important community asset.
Anita S., Cincinnati

As an educator, theatre artist, supporter of CCAC, Clifton resident, and parent of a Fairview student, I support the extraordinary work of CCAC.
Katie J., Cincinnati, OH

As a resident of Clifton and close neighbor to the Clifton Cultural Arts Center I have experienced first hand the excellent programs and exhibitions the Center has offered. It has brought this beautiful building back to life and it has enriched the Cincinnati community in many ways.
Dennis H., Cincinnati, OH

I’m signing because CCAC is one of the best things to happen in this community in almost a decade. Also, my family and friends utilize classes, camps, and events at CCAC weekly.
Claudia T., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC is such a positive force in the neighborhood and draws people from all over the greater Cincinnati area for wonderful classes and events.
Megan S., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC is a vital part of the Clifton and Cincinnati community. I have a son at Fairview-Clifton German Language School and much of his exposure to the arts throughout his lifetime has happened at the CCAC. We deeply love the CCAC and it one of the reasons that our community, including the adults and the youth, are thriving! The arts are very important to our community. Please, keep The Clifton Cultural Arts Center institution open and alive in our community.
Annie M., Cincinnati, OH

I firmly believe that CCAC has become a vital part of our community. It provides many opportunities for us to meet each other and get to know one another. This is central to a strong community.
Karen D., Cincinnati, OH

CCAC is an integral part of the community. There is a shortage of neighborhood art organizations. A tremendous amount of time and energy has gone into CCAC to make it the best of its kind in the city.
Richard M., Cincinnati, OH

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