Ways to Help

Pick up a SAVE CCAC yard sign from the CCAC Main Office and display it in your yard.
Join the over 1,200 people who have signed the petition in support of CCAC. You can find the petition at change.org
Change your Facebook profile picture to the red and white SAVE CCAC icon. Right-click on the image below to save it to your computer.

Email the Board of Education telling them how vital CCAC is to our Uptown Community, and how important it is that we remain in the building. Personal stories of your experiences at CCAC are highly encouraged! Send your email to Board Administrative Assistant Phyllis Davis and ask her to share your email with the Board of Education.

We love to hear what people think; please copy info@cliftonculturalarts.org on your email!

Join us at Board of Education meetings, held on Mondays at the Board of Education Education Center, located at 2651 Burnet Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219. Please wear a red shirt to show that you’re attending in support of CCAC: CCAC t-shirts can be purchased in the CCAC Main Office, but any red shirt will do!

Click here for a list of upcoming Board of Education meetings.