Front Green

CCAC Front Green Outdoor Sculpture Gallery

CCAC is honored to host sculptures on our front green, creating a welcoming spot for folks to enjoy a picnic, read a book, or just appreciate great art. Sculptures will change each year, arriving in the early fall and staying with us until May, when we will make space for Wednesdays on the Green.

2011-2012 Outdoor Sculptures

2010-2011 Outdoor Sculptures

2010-2011 Outdoor Sculptures were:

2011-sculptures The 2010-11 presentation of the Sculpture on the Green is entitled “Waterworks”. The historical Clifton fountain located on Clifton Ave is the inspirational jumping off point for this collection of water-oriented pieces.

Robert Fry’s granite sculpture is the artists’ interpretation of the classic round shapes and layered composition found the Probasco fountain. The bubbling water from the top of the sculpture mimics the flow of water on Mr. Probasco’s historic gift to the Clifton community. The marble used came from the original marble on Fountain Square.

The Big Red Squirt Gun was created by a group of freshman students at DAAP in response to an assignment about scale. This large-scale rendition of the classic child’s toy is a whimsical take on the traditional lawn sprinkler. The bright red and vibrant yellow colors telegraph the playfulness of the sculpture and the squirting water reinforces the fountain theme of the other works in the exhibition.

The Mystery Faucet is a commercial display product that is used to promote water-oriented companies at conventions and trade shows. By taking this object outside and into the context of an exhibition of fountains, we have elevated this “trick the eye” display into a Pop Art water sculpture

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations who have made our second year of outdoor sculpture possible:

  • ArtWorks, and the talented ArtWorks Artists
  • BJ Connective Concepts
  • The City of Cincinnati
  • Kip Eagen, Curator
  • Robert Fry
  • The Glass Hand, LLC
  • The NLT Foundation
  • Murray Sinclaire, Jr.
  • Mike Story
  • Mrs. Joan Strader
  • UC’s Freshman Foundation Students, DAAP
  • And the community volunteers who helped with installation of and care for the sculptures: Patrick Borders, Fred Keeley, Nestor Melnyk, and Pete Schneider.

2009-2010 Outdoor Sculptures

2009-2010 Outdoor Sculptures, curated by Kip Eagen, were:

  • Allee by Claire Darley and Rebecca Seeman;
  • Dragonfly Dome by Voss Finn;
  • and a reconstruction of Abstract Transformation by the First Year Architecture & Interior Design Studio, DAAP.

Thank you to the many partners who have made it possible for us to fill our lawn with outdoor sculpture this fall and winter!