Moving for Life™: Dance Exercise for Cancer Recovery and Seniors - Adults

Wednesdays, 10:30 – 11:30am

Moving for Life™ Dance Exercise for Cancer Recovery was developed in 1999 by internationally acclaimed exercise physiologist and somatic educator Dr. Martha Eddy. Moving for Life™ (MFL) addresses the full spectrum of the cancer experience from diagnosis through post-recovery and is the first cancer exercise program that scientifically worked to identify and address all of the primary side effects of treatment.

Because the exercises can be done seated or varied in intensity, the program is also suitable for senior citizens and other who would like the benefits of aerobic exercise and increased range of motion but for whom traditional classes are unsuitable.

Classes include safe, gentle, gradated aerobic exercise as recommended by the American Cancer Society and American College of Sports Medicine, with each participant working at their own pace. MFL is safe to do from a few weeks post-surgery and still in treatment, all the way through recovery. If you have any concerns, please confirm with your doctor that you may participate in gentle, self-paced exercise.

Discover more joy, improve your health, increase you range of motion, and gain a renewed sense of self in an uplifting, supportive atmosphere.

Cost: Suggested minimum donation of $10 per class.
Session: 7 weeks. Regular participation yields the strongest benefit however drop ins are welcome. 4/9/14 – 5/21/14

Bev Dunn
Bev Dunn is a Moving For Life™ Certified Instructor and Cancer Exercise Specialist as well as a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst. She has over 40 years’ educational and performing experience in several dance forms. Bev believes in the transformative power of dance and movement to connect to self and others, tap into the body’s natural healing resources and live a fully embodied life. She completed her Moving For Life certification with Dr. Eddy in New York City and is excited to be bringing the program to Cincinnati.

Please email with “CCAC Class” in the subject line to let us know to expect you. Please arrive ten minutes prior to your first class.

More Information: Click here to listen to an NPR interview with Dr. Martha Eddy and see a short video of the MFL DVD “Dance to Recovery”. You can also find Moving For Life™ on Facebook at

Young Yogis - Ages 8-14

Wednesdays, 4:15 – 5:00pm

A Yoga program for children, this fun Kid’s yoga class incorporates music, stories, and games as well as meditation and breath work.

Cost: $10 per class
Session: Ongoing
Class Size: Minimum 2, Maximum 20

Hollie J. Nesbitt
Hi! I’m Hollie. I have an early childhood education background, a music background, and a long history of practicing yoga. In 2009, I earned my yoga teaching certificate. I have used my background of education, music, and yoga to create a unique and fun yoga program for children.

To register, please contact Hollie at or call 513-604-5654.
For more information, visit

All Levels Yoga - Ages 13+

Mondays, 5:30 – 6:30pm, Wednesdays, 5:45 – 7:00pm

Please join us for a 75-minute Hatha influenced yoga class focusing on strength, flexibility, balance, energy and relaxation. The practice of yoga is about happiness and mindfulness. As we stretch and strengthen we also gain a sense of peace and expansion. Classes are designed for beginners and intermediate practitioners alike. First time yoga students are welcome! Bring your own mat. Class passes available.

Cost: $10 per class
Session: Ongoing
Class Size: Minimum 2, Maximum 20

Meredith Amann
Students know Meredith for her passion for making Yoga accessible and enjoyable for everyone. She encourages students to learn in their personal style, whether it is auditory, visually or kinesthetically. Meredith believes teachers don’t make things happen, they let things happen and it is her goal to create an environment for you to embrace your full potential. Meredith trained at the Himalaya Yoga Valley Institute in Goa, India, a 200/500 hr school recognized by the Yoga Alliance. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Meredith has also trained in restorative Yoga at Kripalu and holds a Pilates certification from Core Pilates in NYC.

Registration not required. Simply show up a few minutes before class. Students should bring a yoga mat to class. For more information visit

Silent Sittings and Guided Meditations- Ages 14+

Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:15pm

Many people hear the word “meditation” and get discouraged. They think that meditation is something complex, with rules and complicated rituals. Here is a place where you can relax and not stress out about “doing it right.” Silent Sitting is about relaxing the mind in a relaxing atmosphere.

Participants do not have to know anything at all about meditation, and there will not be any complex rules or rituals. We will simply get together to sit calmly and quietly for a period of time. Simply sitting quietly while relaxing the mind and breath does wonders for your health. Some of the benefits include: lower blood pressure, relaxed nervous system, relieved muscle tension, and reduced anxiety. Regular Silent Sitting can also help with concentration, depression, self-esteem, motivation, headaches/migraines, digestive issues, insomnia, and much more.

Classes meet during the last 3 Thursdays of each month, in a wonderfully peaceful Silent Sitting room with large windows that overlook the trees. The nature of this meeting is completely relaxed, so if you have never meditated, come and be pleasantly surprised, and if you have meditated before, come and enjoy the warm feeling of sitting quietly with others. Each class includes 1 or 2 healing guided meditations for variety and clarity. The space is carpeted, but bringing a pillow or mat will increase comfort levels. A $5 (or more) donation to the CCAC is happily encouraged.

Cost: A $5 donation to the CCAC is happily encouraged
Session: Every Thursday except when notified by instructor
Class Size: Minimum 3, Maximum 25
More Information: The Silent Siting classes do not build upon each other, so participants can show up to any one, two, three, or all, and never need feel as if they are behind!

Zarleen Watts, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach at This Lovely Life
Zarleen Watts is a Certified Health Coach who has been studying holistic health and cooking for more than 20 years. She founded This Lovely Life, Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching to fulfill her passion of working with people who want to enjoy healthy, happy, balanced lives, but understand that they need guidance and support to achieve their goals. Zarleen leads workshops on health and offers one-on-one health and food coaching. She is happy to work with anyone who is serious about getting healthy, but specializes in those who suffer from allergic reactions, including skin issues, food intolerances, emotional imbalances, fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain, and other allergic manifestations, as well as those who struggle with emotional eating habits and cravings. She helps her clients make nourishing food and lifestyle choices, and then supports them through the process of creating healthy sustainable habits that will last a lifetime. She feels that mental “down-time” is a crucial part of crafting a healthy, happy life, and wanted to create a time and place where people could come to relax and let the pressures of the day melt away. Therefore, she worked with the CCAC to create and host free Silent Sitting classes.

Feel free to drop in any Thursday

ZUMBA® Fitness Class - Ages 12+

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30pm, Saturdays 10:30 – 11:30am

The Zumba® workout program fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind FUN fitness program! The goal is simple: for people to want to work out and to enjoy every minute of it. Zumba® participants achieve long-term benefits by attending the one exciting hour of calorie-burning and body-energizing movements. The routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Zumba® classes are special in that they add Latin flavor and international zest into an ordinary dance workout class, and anyone can participate-there is no RIGHT way to do the moves.

Information about Zumba® can be found at:

Cost: $7/class; $5/class with the purchase of a 5 or 10 class pass.
Session: On-going

Sue Ware teaches the Wednesday evening class, Robin Goodrich teaches the Saturday morning class and monthly Zumba Glow Parties.

Robin Goodrich
Robin Goodrich is a licensed Zumba Instructor who has gone through both Basic and Basic 2 Training along with Core technique. In addition to leading classes at the CCAC, Robin has lead classes at McKie Center in Northside and at the Western Hills Mercy Healthplex. Robin’s one true passion has always been music and Zumba has become a way to enjoy that music and become fit in the process.

Robin loves to motivate and encourage her participants to stay fit and promotes a supportive group of participants. Making a workout a party in disguise is the secret behind Zumba Fitness’ success and popularity. “Ditch the workout, join the party!”

Sue Ware
Hi, I am Sue Ware come enjoy the pure dance fun of Zumba with me! I have taken part in many styles of aerobic based dance exercise and studied some form of dance most of my life (ballet, jazz, modern, belly dancing), but nothing compares to Zumba. I have an advanced education in the health industry that includes a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology. I have a strong personal interest in disease and injury prevention. I believe that a healthy active lifestyle is a vital element for enjoying life!!

No registration required. Pay in class. Contact Wednesday instructor at; contact Saturday instructor at
Wear exercise/comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle and plenty of energy!

Zumba Fitness® Dance Theme Party Night!- Ages 18+

2nd Wednesday of every month, 7:00 – 8:00pm

This special once a month party will range from the very popular “Glow Parties” (dancing under black lights) to decade parties (50-90s). This gives all Zumba Fitness Participants a chance to show off routines in a party atmosphere without the hassles of “club dancing”.

Cost: $7 drop in, $5 with class pass
Session: On-going
Class Size: Max 25

Robin Goodrich
Robin Goodrich is a licensed Zumba Instructor who has gone through both Basic and Basic 2 Training along with Core technique. In addition to leading classes at the CCAC, Robin has lead classes at McKie Center in Northside and at the Western Hills Mercy Healthplex. Robin’s one true passion has always been music and Zumba has become a way to enjoy that music and become fit in the process.

Robin loves to motivate and encourage her participants to stay fit and promotes a supportive group of participants. Making a workout a party in disguise is the secret behind Zumba Fitness’ success and popularity. “Ditch the workout, join the party!”

More Information Please visit: or email me at: or find me on facebook!

None required – just show up!

Pilates - Adults

Mondays, 9:30 – 10:30am, Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:30pm, Fridays, 9:00 – 10:00am

Cost: $8 per class, or $60 for a 10 class pass.
Session: On-going

Barbara Sferra
Maintaining a connection between mind, body and form has been a focus throughout Barbara Sferra’s life. She participated in gymnastics from Jr. High School through College. She took her first dance class at the age of 22 and has been dancing ever since. She was introduced to Pilates as a means to strengthen her core and improve her overall movement and well-being. In August 2008, Barbara received her Pilates certification from Pendleton Pilates, where she currently teaches Group and Private Reformer Classes, Mat Classes, and Initial Consultations. Professionally, Barbara has a background in Employee Relations and Training, and currently gives back to the community through various volunteer activities.

Send an email to and put “Pilates” in the subject line. Please plan to bring a mat to class.

Nia Technique - Adults

Tuesdays, 6:00 – 7:00pm, Thursdays, 6:00 – 7:00pm

The Nia technique is an expressive body-mind movement and fitness program incorporating dance, martial arts and healing arts, including yoga. It is a cardiovascular program that uses whole-body, expressive, grounded movement. Nia is adaptable to most levels of fitness, age and body types.

Read Cincy Chic article about Nia classes at CCAC.

Cost: $10/class for a single class, $80 for a 10 class pass, $140 for a 20 class pass, $6 per class for students (with a valid student ID) and seniors (over 65 years)
Session: On-going

Tuesdays classes are taught by Uma Sivaprasad. Thursdays classes are taught by Mary Singler.

Uma Sivaprasad
I discovered Nia in 2003 during my quest for an exercise program that I would stick to for more that three months – six years later, I still love every minute of the magic that is Nia. As a scientist by day, I find that Nia helps balance out my logical and practical side with this creative, expressive, and therapeutic movement form that leaves me feeling energized, centered and happy. I completed my white belt in 2009 and now look forward to sharing the joy of Nia with my students.

Mary Singler
Mary Singler is a certified blue belt Nia instructor, a registered Yoga teacher (RYT), and a certified fitness instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine. Mary has taught in many realms of mind and body fitness for 20 years. She holds a master’s degree in health promotion with a focus in cardio-respiratory fitness. Mary spent years in martial arts and other realms of movement but dance has always been her one true love. Of Nia Mary says “The beauty that Nia brings out in individual students inspires me to teach this lovely form of movement. I see a hand bent with age offer a heartfelt gesture; I see an athletic expression of energetic movement – both movements are gifts. I invite you to come and express your best self through a class filled with laughter, diversity and fun.”

Send an email to and put “CCAC NIA Class” in the subject line.
For more information on Nia visit the Kula website.

Tai Chi Chuan - Adults

Tuesdays, 10:00 – 11:00am and 7:30 – 8:30pm, Fridays, 10:00 – 11:00am

Tai Chi is the slow meditative Chinese martial art practiced to promote health, balance, mental calm and clarity. Come and join us to learn and practice this profound and wonderful art. No previous experience is necessary.

Cost: The sessions are offered free of charge, except that a donation to the CCAC, of any amount, will be greatly appreciated.
Session: On-going

Tuesday morning class taught by Don Brewer. Tuesday evening class taught by Uri Sella. Friday morning class (Tai Chi and a lively discussion of Daoism) taught by Michael Porte.

Don Brewer
Dr. Donald Brewer, EdD, is a counseling psychologist and teaches the Tuesday morning class. He has been a resident of Clifton for forty years. He has practiced the T’ai Chi Ch’uan Yang Long Form for 25 years. Click here for further reading.

Uri Sella
The Tuesday evening sessions will be led by Uri Sella, a resident of Clifton, as a service to the community. Uri has been a serious and dedicated Tai Chi practitioner for the past 15 years, most recently as a student of Master Mok Lau. Uri has taught Tai Chi classes in Israel and in Cincinnati.

Michael Porte
Dr. Michael Porte, Ph.D. is a professor emeritus as the University of Cincinnati and an adjunct instructor of tai chi at Cincinnati State. He is certified by Dr. Paul Lam to teach tai chi for arthritis, and seated tai chi and fall prevention.

Tuesdays 10:00-11:00am
Preregistration required. Send an email to and put “Tai Chi” in the subject line.

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm
Drop in class – feel free to come any Tuesday evening. Suggested minimum donation of at least $5 per class.

Fridays 10:00-11:00am
Send an email to and put “Tai Chi” in the subject line. The charge is a contribution to the CCAC of $35 for 12 weeks of classes.