Visual Arts Classes

Cartoons and Comic Drawing – Ages 5 – 12

Saturdays, 9:00am – 11:00am

Students will learn the basics of how to draw cartoons and comics, starting from shapes, to creating their own stories. Students will develop characters, make storyboards, create narrative, and learn how to show expression and motion in drawing! All materials provided.

Cost: $68 for 6-week session
Instructor: Tory Erpenbeck, Art Academy of Cincinnati
Session: 6 weeks (July 22 – August 26, 2017)

Drawing from the Very Beginning – Ages 16+

Saturdays. 9:30am – 12:30pm

This is an introductory class for those who claim they can’t even draw a straight line! Working initially from still-life arrangements and progressing to nude figure studies in the last classes, students will learn to draw what they see in charcoal, ink, and pencil. Students must be 16 or older. Class cost includes model fee.

Session: 8 weeks (June 24 – August 12, 2017)
Cost: $189/session
Instructor: Matt Wright, Art Academy of Cincinnati

Foundational Comic Drawing – Ages 16+

Thursdays 6:30 – 9:00pm

Comics and graphic novels are not just for kids anymore! This course (a basic introduction to comic drawing) features the same curriculum and content used for younger students, but retooled for an adult learning experience. It is an excellent way to expound upon previous drawing experience and education, while cultivating a new art outlet. Course topics will include story and storyboarding, character creation and development, layout and page planning, and penciling and inking.

Cost: $189 for 8-week session
Instructor: Matt Wright, Art Academy of Cincinnati
Session: 8 weeks (June 22 – August 10, 2017)

Jewelry Design – Ages 13+

Mondays 6:00 – 8:00pm

Learn a variety of techniques to create wearable art in a wide range of materials! Begin by learning how to make expandable necklaces and bracelets, then move on to designing and stringing beads into necklaces and earrings and transforming wire, beads, and chain into beautiful jewelry pieces. Experiment with making colored glass pendants and manipulating metals!

Session: 6 weeks (July 17 – August 21, 2017)
Instructor: Linda Schneider-Houghton, Art Academy of Cincinnati
Cost: $168/session

Life Drawing for Teens – Ages 13 – 18

Saturdays, 11:30am – 2:00pm

This course covers the basic fundamentals of drawing from life. Students will work from still-life setups with a variety of interesting shapes and objects, and earn how to render using graphite, charcoal, pastels, and more. Focusing on value, form, shape, composition and more, student will learn how to capture what they see!

Cost: $152 for 6-week session
Instructor: Tory Erpenbeck, Art Academy of Cincinnati
Session: 6 weeks (July 22 – August 26, 2017)

Oil Painting: A Fresh Start – Ages 16+

Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:30pm

If you’ve ever wanted to paint in oils, this is the place to begin! Designed for beginning and intermediate levels, discussions will cover how to start a painting, color mixing, selection and use of brushes and other painting tools, and painting design. Students will use a limited palette in order to learn how to mix a variety of colors. Interesting still-life setups will be used. Previous drawing experience is recommended. Open to adults and teens 16 or older.

Session: 8 weeks (June 21 – August 9, 2017)
Instructor: Marlene Steele, Art Academy of Cincinnati
Cost: $189/session