Clifton School Alumni

If you are an alumnus of the Clifton School, we want to hear from you!

20070718095507_00011The Clifton School has been an important part of the educational experience for generations of Cincinnatians — and CCAC is interested in locating and connecting with as many alumni as possible.

The significance of this landmark is deeply rooted in the experiences of those who have laughed and learned in its halls, dreamed of possibilities while gazing from its windows, and whose energy and life are precisely what make a mere building into a school.

CCAC has already received contacts from alumni throughout the nation. It’s easy to imagine that after 100 years, the Clifton School legacy likely reaches around the world.

Do you have old photos to share from your school days? Perhaps you recall a certain teacher who had an important impact on you. Or maybe you just have a great story or some memories to share.

Contact CCAC — and share what the Clifton School means to you — and perhaps reconnect with some of your long lost classmates.

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We look forward to hearing from you!